Blatter Managing Partner • Insurance specialist with Federal Certificate
• Swiss-certified Financial Planner with Federal Certificate
• Executive in Leadership & Management NDS-HF

As owner and Managing Partner of UFS Insurance Broker AG, it is one of my greatest concerns to know that my clients may count on our long-term and proactive service. Thanks to over 25 years expertise in the insurance and broker sectors as well as to the specialist knowledge I have gathered in the areas of insurances, financial planning and risk management, I have the necessary skills to regularly analyse the changes occurring within a company and then to update whatever policies concerned. My clients profit therefore from a highly widespread network, which allows me to cover all insurance areas in every country, no matter how complex they can be.
044 389 25 21 Peter Blatter peter.blatter@ufsag.ch email local_phone
Centolanza Senior Consultant • Swiss-certified Financial Planner with Federal Certificate

I have worked for 25 years in the insurance business with main emphasis on finance and pension planning. In 2001 I completed my training as financial planner, earning a Swiss Federal Specialist Certificate. I then joined the UFS team in 2004. I have a passion for occupational pension planning and enjoy working in this highly complex and varied sector, which gives me new challenges every day. I provide advisory services to clients in matters of personal insurances and draw up a tailor-made concept for them.
044 389 25 22 Karin Centolanza karin.centolanza@ufsag.ch email local_phone
Brandenberger Consultant • Swiss-certified Financial Planner with Federal Certificate

As your consultant at UFS Insurance Broker AG I will address your questions with great expertise and empathy. Due to my profession, I avow independent, fair and transparent consulting. I began working in the insurance industry in 2003, and ever since I have put the well-being and satisfaction of my clients as the highest priority of my consulting activity. Based on my vast expertise and having completed a further education as financial planner (Swiss Federal Specialist Certificate), I can offer our clients professional services across a wide-ranging specialist area, covering additional areas in pension, asset, real estate and tax planning.
044 389 25 23 Timo Brandenberger timo.brandenberger@ufsag.ch email local_phone
Caspar Consultant Due to my more than 40 years of experience in the insurance and brokerage business, my clients can count on a great deal of knowledge and experience.
I began my professional experience with the completion of an insurance apprenticeship and was able to experience the major upheavals in the 80s and 90s.
With the establishment of my own brokerage company in 2001, I decided to focus on having customers satisfied and at ease and therefore said ‘goodbye’ to product sale-based insurance companies.
In 2017, I handed over my company VersicherungsManagement VM GmbH into younger hands, but continue to provide them advisory services.
044 389 25 27 Fredi Caspar fredi.caspar@ufsag.ch email local_phone
Guntlin Expert • Insurance specialist with Federal Certificate

I have been working in the insurance industry for over 25 years. During this time, I have been able to acquire a broad knowledge of insurance companies and insurance brokers.
In 2001, I completed my education as an insurance specialist with a federal certificate. The customer is the focus of my work and it gives me great pleasure to respond to the needs and concerns of each individual. I support the entire team with a great deal of commitment, professional competence and experience in order to find the best possible solution for the customer.
044 389 25 24 Angela Guntlin Angela.guntlin@ufsag.ch email local_phone
Lys Expert For more than 25 years I have been moving within the insurance landscape. After completing my training, I was able to build up my wealth of experience at a well-known insurance company for 10 years. Even then, it was clear to me that the independence of the broker and access to the entire market represented a significant advantage for the client. This unbound cooperation with the insurance companies enables me to realize optimal solutions tailored to the individual client. With valuable experience mainly in the field of personnel insurance and a lot of pleasure in my work, I support the entire UFS team. 044 389 25 28 Nathalie Lys nathalie.lys@ufsag.ch email local_phone Bernoto Expert As a member of UFS Insurance Broker AG it is a pleasure to support the whole team in all technical matters. I find it very rewarding to have direct contact to our customers and partners. Their satisfaction is my first priority. With my flexible and resilient nature, I can adapt well to new situations and strive to find the perfect solution for each client. 044 389 25 26 Mike Bernotto mike.bernotto@ufsag.ch email local_phone

«The others sell, we provide advice.»


UFS Insurance Broker AG is an accredited insurance broker and a pioneer in its field. Our loyal and long-term customer base includes several hundreds of companies located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Our clients can rely on us as their trusted partner
for all insurance and pension plan matters.

As professionals we optimize your insurance purchase and relieve you of a highly time-consuming task,
allowing you more time to dedicate to your core business.


Our Insurance Broker Mandate

Extract of the FINMA register

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